Why Does My Dog Drag Its Back Paws?

dog-wound-bootAs your dog gets older, he or she unfortunately develop illnesses and other issues. It happens to all of us, unfortunately. One problem that sometimes happens to your senior doggie is that they sometimes drag their back paws, often causing the paws to bleed.

If your dog starts doing this, take them to the Vet for a checkup. Your dog could have a spinal problem, arthritis, or another issue. Your vet can help diagnose the problem.

At Keep Doggie Safe, we have several products to help your dog alleviate any pain when they drag their paws. The best solutions are from our wide selection of dog boots and first aid products. As with everything on our website, we have evaluated many products and offer you only the ones that pass our rigorous testing procedures. Here are some products that we love to protect your doggie’s paws:

dog -wound-boot-paw-protector

  • Healers Dog Boots – Sold in sets of two, healers Dog Boots are comfortable on the inside and rugged on the outside. They will protect your doggie’s paws and will help prevent bleeding from your doggie dragging his or her paws. Made in the USA with superior materials, they offer a flexible wraparound design and are easy to put on.
  • UltraPaws Extreme Kevlar Dog Boots – Sold in sets of four, these boots will protect any dog’s paws in any conditions. They  provide the highest level of protection for your dogs paws on the market today. Fitted with several layers of Kevlar in the sole and on the front panel, the boots are ideal for conditions where your dog may encounter hazardous material like broken glass, debris or sharp rocks. Internally, foam pads keep the boots positioned in the correct place and also ensure maximum comfort. Made with 1000 denier ballistic nylon and a skid-resistant sole, these boots will last throughout extensive use.

If your doggie’s paws are already bleeding, consider our wound boots. Two excellent wound boots are

  • Healers Wound Boots With Gauze Pads – Sold in sets of two, this excellent product from Healers is designed to protect and heal your doggie’s injured paws. Made in the USA, these wound boots offer an extremely rugged design, and include gauze pads to put directly on your doggie’s wounds. Wound dressing changes are easy.  The boots feature a wrap around style to get a tight fit without cutting off circulation and the height typically lands right below the dew claw.
  • Ultrapaws Wound Boot – Sold individually, this wound boot is an excellent product to protect your doggie’s injured paw. Extremely durable and comfortable,  the wound boot features breathable material, allowing air to circulate throughout the interior of the boot, keeping wounds dry and clean. The boot also has a non-skid PVC sole that provides traction both inside and out so your dog will not lose its balance. Designed with spandex sides, the boot can expand to fit over a bandage and contract to fit snugly once the bandage is removed. Two Velcro straps ensure that the boot stays firmly in place, and your dog will not be able to remove it. Inside, cushioning foam holds the boot in place on your dog’s foot and also ensures maximum comfort.

We offer a variety of other products to help you and your dog through this tough situation, including lift harnesses, wound care products, and paw and leg protection.

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