How to Walk Multiple Dogs with One Leash

Dog owners who have more than one dog often ask us, “How can I walk both of my dogs at the same time?” This question has been asked so many times, we’ve lost count, but the good news is, we have a solution that enables you walk all of your dogs – even if you have three or four – safely and easily. With the right kind of leash combined with a coupler, you can walk multiple dogs at once without worry of tangle or stress.  Even if you have one dog that walks well on a leash and one that doesn’t, our dog couplers and leashes make your daily walk a fun adventure for all.

How the Couplers Work

Just as the name suggests, couplers “couple” two dogs so they can walk side by side at the end of a leash. Our standard couplers attach to the end of any leash and are made of cloth or stretchable material that is adjustable to fit any sized dog. The standard couplers are great for two dogs that walk well on a leash and can do so together side by side. If you have one dog that walks well on a leash and one that pulls this way and that, our dual leash couplers are your best bet. Designed with one handle and two separate leashes, the dual leash coupler allows the dog that walks well to do so comfortably without being pulled along by the dog that does not; each dog has his own leash.

Which Coupler for What Dog?

Which coupler best suits your needs depends on a couple of things. First, as mentioned earlier, how your dog walks on a leash is a big deal. Remember, the Standard Couplers work well for dogs that know how to walk on a leash without pulling. We recommend Dual Leash Couplers for dogs that need their own space to pull and explore.

Standard Coupler

Second, size does matter. If you have a tiny Chihuahua and a huge Great Dane, we do not recommend trying to walk them together on the same coupler. What happens is, in order to meet the needs of the largest, strongest dog; you have to purchase a bigger coupler with heavier hardware that might be too heavy or cumbersome for the little dog.

Lastly, consider the material of the coupler because it matters, too. Cloth couplers work well for smaller dogs and ones that don’t pull when walking on a leash. Large dogs and those that pull might require our stretchable couplers to reduce strain on their owners’ arms.

Standard Adjustable Couplers in various colors and designs

If walking your dogs seems more like a chore because you have to do it twice, or the tangled mess with traditional leashes just isn’t worth it, consider purchasing one of our dog couplers. Less time and frustration means you’ll look forward to those daily walks with your canine companions.

If you have any questions or would like to order a custom-designed coupler and leash for walking multiple dogs, please call Keep Doggies Safe at (877) DOG-IDEA. Or visit our website at and click on the Live Chat button at the top of the page. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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4 Responses to How to Walk Multiple Dogs with One Leash

  1. topdog says:

    We mostly recommend walking the two dogs on one leash with a coupler on the end.
    We really like the Rok Straps stretch couplers. The other dog can walk on another leash.
    Triplers are not a good solution for two small and one medium dog.

  2. topdog says:

    Great question. The couplers will work but we recommend buying a cloth adjustable coupler. It will help it fit your dog’s walking needs the best

  3. topdog says:

    We recommend the bergan stretch leash and add a stretch dog coupler to one side of the leash.

  4. topdog says:

    Great question. It’s best to use a harness with the clip on the top for walking two dogs on a coupler.

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