How do I walk two dogs with a coupler?

Our number #1 question on the website is how do I best walk two dogs together?   We are strong advocates of walking dogs with a coupler.  The largest benefit is you have only one leash and you aren’t constantly doing the “leash dance” where you are wrapped up in two leashes and maneuvering dogs.  Most dog owners are reluctant to try a coupler because they don’t think their dogs will walk together very well.  If one dog is older or has an injury, then we’d rule out the coupler.  In most other cases, it should only take three walks for them to adjust to it.

The coupler has a circle on the top and two pieces of material or rubber that attach to the ring.  With cloth couplers, you can adjust the sides of the coupler to different lengths to accommodate different size dogs.  You choose the size of the coupler based on EACH dog’s weight.  Every manufacturer has done an excellent job of building the couplers with enough material for each size of the dog (small, medium, or large).




If the dogs are two different size, we advocate the sporn adjustable coupler.  It has the most adjustment capability for two disparate size dogs.  You can buy it as a stand-alone coupler that attaches to a leash.  Or you can buy a leash that splits.





We think the wacky walkr couplers are the best on the market.  The elastic stretch gives your dog plenty of room and it reinforced with a nylon cable, so it will never snap or break.

The coupler has a circle on the top, elastic rubber attached to that, then a black nylon strap.  The nylon strap can be used as an extra handle to grab each dog individually and to pull them in fast.  The also have high quality swivel clips so the dogs can turn and don’t tangle.




If you add a wacky walkr leash with the coupler, you get a perfect walking system.  The leashes have an extra handle on the bottom of the leash with a swivel clip.  You can choose an urban leash (1.5-3 ft) or a standard leash (3-6ft) to add to the coupler.  The urban is recommended if you would like to keep your dogs close.  It still gives them plenty or room.





Whenever you walk two dogs together with a coupler or without, it’s always an issue when one dog wants to stop.  We can’t solve this issue but the extra handle on the coupler does make it easier to stop the non-stopped dog and let them finish their business.  We also recommend if you have a boy dog that you put them on the outside so the can lift their leg to the right.

Here’s a link to two videos:

Shop by Brand | Wacky Walkr

Please don’t hesitate to email, blog or chat with your questions or comments.

Happy Walking! And thanks from the world of pet lovers for giving two dogs a good home.

Top Dog.

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16 Responses to How do I walk two dogs with a coupler?

  1. Kellie Leggat says:

    I have two small 1yr old Yorkies. One is deaf and scared of everything because she can’t hear. Would coupling them for a walk be a good idea? I thought one could lead the other and make her feel more secure. She always stops to watch me because she can’t hear. Or will this just frustrate my other dog? I don’t want to stop walking her. Suggestions?

    • topdog says:

      It probably wouldn’t be a good idea. The older dog would feel a loss of control and probably needs to go at her own pace to feel safe.

  2. I just like the helpful information you provide on your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test again here frequently. I’m somewhat certain I will be told many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  3. Dave says:

    When walking my dog, I am always concerned about his safety and the safety of pedestrians . I live on a very busy streets, so when walking him or another friend together can be a challenge. Recently, after discovering a coupler that was suggested by a friend of mine, I saw that the challenging walk “could” get easier. Couplers are good, HOWEVER not many can avoid the inevitable that always happens – tangles and the twist. I have seen many pet owners walking with a fairly decent coupler and then one dog comes toward the owner and another dogs tries to shoot across the street after a cat – not so good of situation. Another situation that makes it hard for pet owners is buying a coupler that serves for a larger dog and medium size dog. Not all couplers work to well with different size dogs.

    Purchasing a coupler is great idea, but one must do research and search reviews sites, if the question of the safety of your pet is a great concern.


  4. Jody Brown says:

    Very interested in your product just not sure which to purchase. Have two dogs, one an Austrailan Cattle dog who is 13 and the other a Chihauhau who is 6 so they go about the same speed. Both like to explore a bit, but I like to keep them under control. I live in FL and at night we have frogs so I keep a watchful eye on them with shorter walks. There is a disparity in size 35 lbs to 10 lbs so which of your products would I purchase and would I be hooking up your coupler to my retractable leash? Any information would be appreciated.

    • topdog says:


      We never recommend attaching a coupler to a retractable leash. Often the weight limits on the retractable leash can be exceeded when attaching two dogs.
      Additionally, a retractable leash gives you little control in the case of an emergency so trying to protect two dogs -doubles the risk.
      We recommend using a adjustable two dog leash /coupler. If they are pullers, use the stretch two dog coupler/ leash.

  5. Pat Carlson says:

    I have a German Shepherd and a Min. Schnauzer they walk both by my side left side, which would be best for them?

  6. Nora O'Sullivan says:

    So glad I saw this discussion … I’ve wondered about coupler leashes but your advice to rule it out if one dog is older is exactly why I haven’t tried one. Mine do walk at different paces. I use an extender leash for the older, smaller one so he can walk at whatever speed he desires – usually very slow unless he gets an incentive to power walk! I pay close watch on both dogs when we go out as a trio.

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