Five Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in Winter

Five Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm in the Winter

Many people believe that their dog is always wearing a coat and so is warm and naturally protected from the cold.    Some dogs live their lives primarily outdoors so they need and want to spend time outside every day.  However, certain dogs are more negatively affected by the cold than others; particularly older pets or those with certain conditions like arthritis.

Here are five simple tips to keep your dog warm this winter:




warm winter coats



1. Get them a Coat or Sweater- preferably one with reflective stripes

It is unhealthy and uncomfortable to be cold. Dog breeds that are originally from warm climates need protection, particularly in Winter. These breeds typically do not have enough protective fur for the winter, as their fur is not thick enough.

A dog’s age, size and state of health also affects how well it can withstand cold. Slender breeds freeze faster because their mass in proportion to the area that dissipates warmth is smaller.

Dog coats and sweaters are especially useful for:

  • Dogs with soft and long coats, which become dirty and wet easily
  • Dogs that suffer from allergies or skin problems, as the coat keeps your dog dry and away from allergens that might irritate them.
  • Keeping your home clean. When your dog wears a coat, the dirt stays on the coat or sweater, so the amount of dirt carried into your home is reduced significantly, especially in muddy and wet weather.

2. Keep  your dog indoors. It’s okay to take your dog for a walk, but don’t leave them outside all day in the cold. Bring your dog inside. Forget worrying about dog hair, or spoiling them -they need to be safe and warm

3. Invest in proper outdoor housing.
If your dog absolutely has to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure he has proper shelter.  Consider getting a doghouse with a sloped roof, insulation and possibly a heater (make sure the heater is 100% safe and meant for being run outdoors).  Add bedding to where they lay so they are not on cold floors. Invest in a dog heating pad.

4. Buy boots to protect their paws
Snow hurts dog paws.  Keep their paws safe and give them the traction they need for snow and ice.  We recommend boots that have side openings for easy on/off.  Also, a pad on the bottom will protect them from stepping on snow-covered twigs.

5. Keep your doggie well fed.
Some dogs burn more calories during the winter while they’re trying to stay warm.  This may make them hungrier, so feed them a little more in the winter if it seems they need it.

Cold weather isn’t always fun to deal with, especially for animals.  Although they love playing in the snow, it’s not as fun when they are cold. Also remember, dogs can catch colds and their arthritis flairs in the cold, just like us. Keep your dog safe and healthy by keeping him warm this winter season.

At Keep Doggie Safe, we have a wide variety of boots, coats, sweaters and beds, designed to keep your doggie warm and safe.

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