Tips for Buying the Right Reflective Dog Vest

Reflective Dog Vest Buying Guide

Whether you take your dog out hunting with you or not, reflective dog vests are a great way to keep him safe. Even if you simply take your dog out for a daily walk, these vests ensure that he is highly visible to others. Made from durable, brightly colored, reflective materials, reflective dog vests are a good choice for all dogs that spend time outdoors.

Using Reflective Dog Vests

There are many uses for reflective dog vests. Many people like to put them on their hunting dogs when they accompany them into the woods. Other hunters easily see the neon-colored fabric so the dog is not mistaken for a deer or other type of prey. During hunting season, pet owners use these vests even when their dogs aren’t going into the woods, especially when living in rural areas surrounded by hunting land. In areas like this, a dog simply spending time in his own backyard could be at risk; but with a reflective vest, he is more visible and less likely to be injured.

Drivers have a hard time seeing pets in low-visibility situations or at night. Walking your dog after dark or in inclement weather (fog, rain, snow, etc.) poses a problem for drivers, but if you have a reflective vest on your dog, they are able to see him better (sometimes up to a mile away) and can prepare ahead of time to pass you both with caution.

Service dogs usually wear reflective dog vests because they are often in situations where visibility is a must. Most of the time, their vests will have several pockets to store things like poop bags, keys and money.

Types of Reflective Dog Vests

Reflective dog vests come in a variety of bright colors that are, on their own, very bright. Some vests have reflective straps that add to the visibility of the vest, while others have LED lights built in to make the vests even more visible at night. Vests that do not have LED lights built in can be combined with lighted dog collars, lighted dog leashes or collar lights, which increases the chances your dog will be seen.

Reflective vests usually come in bright yellow or orange since these colors typically indicate caution. The orange color works especially well when taking your dog along hunting since “hunter orange” is the standard in this sport. Yellow vests are highly visible and the color is said to deter geese.

Aside from the safety factor of wearing a reflective dog vest, there is a functional side to them. Utility vests are brightly colored, reflective and have several pockets for carrying necessities such as keys, money, etc. Some vests are water resistant to protect your dog from inclement weather and in cooler temperatures; they add an extra layer of warmth.

Buying Reflective Dog Vests on (KDS) has a wide selection of reflective dog vests to choose from. KDS strives to provide quality products designed to keep you pets safe no matter what they are doing. The vests on are of the highest quality and are personally tested on our own pets to ensure usability and durability in all situations. Keep reading to learn more about the reflective vests available on our website including special features and benefits of each.

Alcott Essential Visibility Dog Vest

The High Visibility Dog Vest is lightweight and extremely bright. The breathable fabric and fully adjustable straps ensures your dog’s comfort while wearing this product. We recommend this vest if geese are a problem where you live or frequent, as the yellow color deters geese attacks. This reflective dog vest also features:

· Visibility over a quarter mile

· Adjustable, reflective straps

· Quality rubber buckles so there’s no sharp edges

· Reflective dog on vest to add style and fun

· Can be used in combination with a collar

· Great for daily use

· Available in small to large chest sizes

Kurgo Reflect and Protect Dog Vest

The Kurgo Reflect and Protect Dog Vest is made from reflective orange material with built in LED lights. KDS especially loves this vest because it is extremely well made and adds extra visibility and safety with the built in LED lights. This vest works really well for dogs who hunt or hike with their owners because it’s easily adjustable at the neck and stomach to provide a secure, comfortable fit. With the bright orange color and bright LED lights, this vest is perfect for daytime or nighttime outings with your pet. Additional features of the Kurgo Vest include:

· Removable LED strip on the back – lights easily with the push of a button

· Soft, lightweight nylon and breathable mesh fabric

· Provides visibility up to 1,000 feet

· Dual adjustment at neck and chest for secure fit with flexible webbing for full range of motion

· Reflective striping on vest and along collar strap

· Made from completely non-toxic materials

· Available in extra-small to extra-large girth sizes

Orange Reflective Vest

For comfort and functionality, the Orange Reflective Vest is a good choice. Made from bright orange, unlined material with reflective stripes, this vest attaches to your dog’s collar for a secure fit. This vest also includes these great features:

· Adjustable straps and high-quality buckles at the neck and belly for a secure fit

· No Velcro

· Extended sizing covers ¾ of the dog’s back

· Non-restrictive – allows your dog to move comfortably

· Perfect for outdoor play, hiking, biking, walking and running with your dog

· Available in small to extra-large sizes

Poo Boss Reflective Dog Vest

The Poo Boss Reflective Dog Vest is the perfect choice for those dog owners using a harness in combination with the vest. This utility vest features a hole in the top for easy access to the harness connector as well as several pockets to carry important items. The bright yellow color is highly visible and deters geese. This reflective dog vest is one of the best on the market and also features:

· Wide reflective strips

· Zippered pockets

· Large mesh pockets

· Velcro closure at the neck and quick-release buckles at the belly for size adjustment

· Durable, washable fabric

· Comes with a roll of poop bags

· Can be used with an existing collar or harness style lead

· Available in small to extra-large sizes

No matter the outdoor activity, KeepDoggieSafe recommends using reflective dog vests to keep your pet highly visible and safe. Our selection of dog vests provides several options offering a vest for every situation. If the vest you choose does not have built in lights, be sure to add a collar light or a lighted dog collar or leash to ensure your dog is always seen by others when outside the home.

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