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The History of Rechargeable Lighted Dog Collars

We’ve been selling lighted dog collars and dog leashes since 2007 at Keep Doggie Safe. We are the experts in lighted dog safety. We are very proud of the products we sell, as these are the best ones on the market. If we don’t sell a lighted product, you can be sure that we have evaluated it and decided not to sell it. Lighted dog collars generally use watch batteries, which are not rechargeable. Watch batteries are lightweight and last about 40 hours. They are a good solution to ensuring that your doggies collar stays lit, while remaining light enough … Continue reading

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DogeGlow 2014 Lighted Collar Review

KeepDoggieSafe.com is the expert in lighted dog products.  We have been selling lighted collars and leashes since 2006. We only carry products that have passed our customer dog panel tests and that are backed by quality manufacturers.  We are pleased to carry DogeGlow collars and leashes. The Following is our Review for the DogeGlow  2014 Lighted Collars Product Line: DogeGlow Lighted Collars are the classic LED lighted dog collar, but with a twist. They come in a variety of highly fashionable colors and patterns. While we will try to accommodate you if you want to special order a particular pattern, … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collars Add Fun and Safety to Canine Costumes

Want to make your doggie’s costume more fun and ensure his safety at the same time? Add a lighted dog collar and watch his costume come alive! At KeepDoggieSafe, we’re all about safety first, but with the lighted collars, you get the best of both worlds. Not only can your dog be seen easily by you and everyone else, the bright lights and reflective, glowing features make these products a must-have for Halloween. KeepDoggie Safe carries many different lighted dog collars. Here are a few of our favorites for this season. Pup Protector As far as quality and function go, … Continue reading

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Tips for Dog Safety in the Fall

Daylight savings time roars into you and your pet’s schedule. Be sure to break out your lighted collars, leashes and pet lights.  Drivers are still not adjusted to driving at dark and pet safety is the most critical now.  More accidents occur in the first two weeks of daylight savings transition periods, so it’s best to be prepared early. The lighted collar is critical to insure your dog is seen, the lighted leash protects you both. When choosing a lighted dog collar, you should consider the following items: Does your dog have long-hair or short hair? LED lights are the … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collar Buying Tips

This Buying Guide will help you find the right collar based on your dog’s size and how you will use the collar (i.e: outdoors, in water, etc)   A lighted collar is a critical product for your dog’s safety. A lighted collar gives you the added safety of 360 degree visibility unlike a blinker or a collar light which typically hangs under your dog’s neck.  Most lighted collars flash to increase visibility.   We are the experts in lighted collars and have been selling them for over 5 years and have talked with thousands of customers about their experiences and … Continue reading

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