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Dog Boot Buying Guide -2015

There are several considerations when choosing the right set of boots for your dog.  Number 1, they need to stay on their paws.  We have done careful testing and analysis with our dog panel and we only stock boots that stay on your dog’s paws. Healer dog boots are sold in pairs so you can get different sizes for your dog’s front and hind paws. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Secondly, in order for the boots to stay on your dog’s paws, they must fit correctly.  Carefully measure your dog’s paws across the widest part of their paw to insure you … Continue reading

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How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots

How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes extreme cold temperatures and toxic ice-melting chemical—both of which can wreak havoc on your pooch’s paws. Many dog owners think dog boots are a good idea, but often complain that their pets just don’t like them or that the boots simply don’t stay on. The good news is, both of these concerns can be overcome by taking the time to train your dog and buying the right dog boots. Training-Take it Step by Step Training your dog to wear boots is more about … Continue reading

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