Reviews of Dog Ball Machines (ifetch & Busy Buddy Automatic Ball Launcher)

ifetch-balls (2)It’s so great that there is now a ball machine for dogs. It helps give them the exercise they need and deserve.  We reviewed the two top ball machines to help you choose the right one for your dog.

What are the sizes of the balls and what size dogs can use the ball machines?

ifetch-machineIfetch is available in two sizes

  • Ifetch for smaller dogs- uses an extra small ball – specially designed for smaller breeds
  • IfetchToo for larger dogs- uses a standard tennis ball


busy-buddy-ball-launcherBusy Buddy Automatic Ball Launcher – available in large size- fits small & standard tennis balls.

What are the Ball Settings for Launching Balls?

Ifetch -Three launch distance settings – 10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet. Includes a random setting feature that will throw the ball different distances on each subsequent throw to keep your dog interested,

IfetchToo Three launch distance settings -10, 25, or 40 feet, includes a random setting feature that will throw the ball different distances on each subsequent throw to keep your dog interested,

Busy Buddy Automatic Ball Launcher – Launches between 8-30 feet, includes the ability to change the angles that the ball is launched.

Changing the distance is easy (push button) and intuitive with the ifetch while the Busy Buddy is difficult and confusing, in fact counter-intuitive.

What’s included with each ball machine?

Ifetch: Five balls and an AC adapter for 110 and 220 volts. Must be plugged in to work. Five extra-small balls.

IfetchToo – Comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery for portability, Three balls and an AC charger for 110 and 220 volts. This means you can easily take the machine outside without a cord. Three standard size balls.

Busy Buddy Automatic Ball Launcher– 6-D batteries, power cord, two different size balls for small or large dogs.

What are the safety sensors for on the ball machines?

While we think it’s an interesting idea to have a delay on the ball in theory, we think that it can cause more confusion for the dog. The dogs in our test were a bit puzzled about the delay in launching the ball and it delayed training. Also, triggering the sensor will not throw the ball and will confuse dogs and their owners.

The iFetch Too was specifically designed to throw the ball immediately so the dog would not be standing and waiting in front of the throw. There is no safety sensor and the company doesn’t feel it needs to include this feature.

Which product is quieter?

The ifetch Ball Machine is quieter. The ifetch ball machines use a wheel mechanism to toss the ball.

The Buddy Launcher uses a hammer mechanism to toss the ball. This is significantly louder.

Overall Summary:

ifetch-ball-launching-ball-machineWe think the ifetch ball machines are a better choice for most dog owners. The features of sleek design, intuitive easy to use product features, rechargeable battery and a company that stands behind their product make it a better choice. Also, for small dogs who need a smaller tennis ball, the ifetch is the better choice. It uses an x-small tennis ball. Additionally, the ifetch has passed all of our testing panels and has an incredibly low defect rate which is critical on any electronic product.

If you that the Buddy Launcher product works for you, that’s great. What’s important is that your dog is happy and getting lots of exercise.

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