Lighted Dog Collar Reviews

At dawn or dusk, it’s critical to make sure your dog is seen.  A lighted dog collar or bright collar light is the best way to be sure your dog is seen by cars and to be sure you can see your dog at night. The Vivid rechargeable collar was good for a short period this year, then the rest of the batches had technical issues.  We are so sorry, it is such a well-designed lighted collar.

Here’s our top three collar recommendations for 2013

The Niteize glow collar is the most durable and reliable. It doesn’t use LED technology with wiring, it uses a glow technology, so it is less likely to break due to weather, dog fur, dog pulling, and usage. Niteize stands behind their products and this collar has been around for over 10 years.  It has a flash and steady setting.  This collar is particularly good for helping you see an elderly dog in the dark.


DOg Elites CollarThe Dog-E-Lites flashing red and blue collar is also durable and reliable.  We recommend keeping the plastic cover over the battery box for double durability.  It has LED technology now has a flash and steady mode. It comes in all sizes -including extra small.  Dog-E-Lites is a Canadian company and stands behind their products.


The Visiglo collar is the industry’s leading collar.  It’s bright and has two modes- flashing and bright.  We rate this collar third because it doesn’t hold up as well in the weather.  The battery pack is not housed as securing and water-tight.



The Guardian Dog Collar Light is the first WATERPROOF light for a dog’s collar.

It also sits on the dog’s collar and has a steady and flashing mode.  It is worn by the military, miners, and rescue teams.  We recommend this light for medium and large dogs.  It’s a bit bulky for smaller dogs but can also attach to their harnesses and leashes.

Please call or email and we would be glad to talk with you about the right solution for your dog.

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Keep Doggie Safe is a group of dog lovers whose mission is to keep dogs safe. We specialize in lighted & reflective dog products, dog couplers and all items that help keep dogs safe. We have a panel of dog testers who test all of the products we carry in various conditions all over the US. Our Friendly US team can advise you on what product is best for you and your dog based on the breed and how you will use it. We pledge to do our best to write the best articles we can to help educate you about dogs and how to keep them safe. We welcome all intelligent comments and discussion and will post them so we can all keep learning together.
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3 Responses to Lighted Dog Collar Reviews

  1. Charles Sauerbrey says:

    I bought the LED yellow flashing collar with the aaa bateries. My first collar had problems after about three nights and quit working. I let youall know and you sent me another one .i also bought a another one. the one you replaced gave out after three weeks . I looked it all over and discovered that the push button swith was bad . I cut the black wires at the switch and sodereda small toggel switch in it’s place .. It works fine .SO if you have one you can try the same fix …

  2. Lisa says:

    We absolutly love this collar and also the lighted leash! We go camping alot and this lets us know and also our friends where Baylee is.(That way no one is tripping over her leash). Thank you so much!

  3. topdog says:

    The dog-e-lites collar can wear down batteries faster when it’s on the steady mode. We no longer carry that brand of lights. Please look at our other collars. The Visiglo lighted collar is the thinnest and smallest for smaller dogs.

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