Does Fido Need Interactive Dog Toys?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your dog could benefit from playing with interactive dog toys, we’re here to tell you yes! He will benefit, and so will you. Studies have shown that dogs are actually pretty intelligent beings with the intelligence level similar to a two and a half year old human child. We all know what happens when a child of that age is left to his or her own devices, right? With no guidance, that child begins to find ways to entertain himself that are usually not safe or acceptable. A dog is the same way – he will find things to do (usually destructive behaviors) to ward off boredom and loneliness.

Interactive dog toys can be used in a variety of ways to reduce boredom and help your pet get through separation anxiety when you’re gone. These toys often include some sort of “game” the dog must play in order to reveal a reward (treat) at the end. Dogs may spend several minutes to several hours trying to manipulate the toy to get the treats out, which keeps them occupied, entertained and out of trouble.

We especially like The Jigsaw Glider because it really makes a dog think – and work – for the treats hidden inside. The Jigsaw Glider contains four hidden treat chambers hidden by interlocking sliding covers. This toy keeps your dog busy and learning at the same time!

Keep Doggie Safe carries a wide selection of interactive dog toys because we believe a busy dog is a happy dog – and a happy dog makes for a very happy owner. Be sure to check out our selection, especially if your dog is left alone for extended periods of time while you’re at work. An interactive dog toy can help him while away the hours until your return.

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