Dog Risks — Dog Treats & Human Food


Are Bones Safe for My Dog ? He Loves Them !

Dogs love them  but the FDA report that chewing on bones can injure the teeth, tongue, or mouth. Bones can also get stuck in the digestive tract, where they will have to be removed with surgery or an endoscope.

Can My Dog Eat Table Scraps?  He gives me those eyes and it’s hard to resist !

Resist those eyes even when he adds a little whine…  But rewarding your dog’s barks or whines will only encourage more begging in the future.   Also, some human foods can be toxic to pets and damages the health of pets as canine digestive systems cannot process food in the same way as humans.

The most dangerous foods are chocolate, artificial sweetener, grapes and raisins, caffeine, alcohol, onions, fruit pips and sweets, and cooked bones. Although onions, leeks and grapes should be avoided, most fruit and vegetables are good for dogs. If you want to share table scraps as an occasional treat, do it away from the table — and use the food as a reward for good behavior.

How Many Treats are Too Many ? My dog is a treataholic !

kibble-activity-treat-ball-1While having a dog that is motivated by treats is great for training, too many treats are not a good thing. Overfeeding can lead to life-threatening obesity. Vets advise limiting treats to 10% of your pet’s total daily calories. How many calories he needs depends on his weight, age, and activity level. For example, a small 10-pound dog may only need 290 to 450 calories a day. Limit his treats to 29-45 calories. Ask your vet about your pet’s needs. And beware: some treats can weigh in at more than 75 calories each!


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