Does Your Dog Walk You?

couplerWalking your dog is a great way to socialize your dog while letting them explore and do their business.  However, letting them pull you and control the walk can be dangerous.

Your  dog can pull you over while you’re out for a stroll. According to the CDC, tens of thousands of people end up in the ER every year because of pet-related falls. Many of these falls occur during walks — either when a person trips over a dog or is pulled or pushed by one. Experts say obedience training is the best way to make sure your pooch doesn’t take you down during the morning walk.

Additionally, when your dog pulls it creates strain on your arms and shoulders. There are two products that can help you with this problem.

mesh-thumb No Pull Harnesses gives you more control over your dog because they can attach to the front or the top, so dogs are less likely to pull. When they pull, they feel you pulling them back by their whole body. A no-pull dog harness gently puts pressure on the front of your dog’s chest that helps stop them from pulling.
Head harnesses are different — they are like bridles for horses. They go on the dog’s head and when he pulls too hard, it makes him close his mouth. It is very gentle, but dogs respond well to it. They learn quickly not to launch off while on leash.

wacky-walkr-leash-couplerThe Wacky Walker leash and couplers are top quality stretch leashes that minimize the effect of the pull on your arms and shoulders.  The pulling tires out your dog which helps during the walks. Plus, it’s safer on your dog’s body because you don’t need to jerk the leash to train them.


Carry treats to reward your dog for good behavior on the walk, consult with your local dog walker for walking tips.  Be Safe. Have Fun.

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