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Why Does My Dog Drag Its Back Paws?

As your dog gets older, he or she unfortunately develop illnesses and other issues. It happens to all of us, unfortunately. One problem that sometimes happens to your senior doggie is that they sometimes drag their back paws, often causing the paws to bleed. If your dog starts doing this, take them to the Vet for a checkup. Your dog could have a spinal problem, arthritis, or another issue. Your vet can help diagnose the problem. At Keep Doggie Safe, we have several products to help your dog alleviate any pain when they drag their paws. The best solutions are from our wide selection of dog … Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Bark At Cats? | Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?

 Dogs chase cats because, while dog eyes do not have as highly developed color and light sensors as we do, but dog eyes have better developed motion sensors. Because of this, whenever a dog sees something small moving quickly, the dog becomes extremely excited. A dog also will be trying to protect its land, as it sees the cat invading (a dog’s land does not necessarily include only the backyard — it can be half the neighborhood). Dogs are also predators and may view the cat as prey, although dogs rarely eat cats. How to Get your dog used to … Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Bark At Skateboards?

The sudden movement of skateboards, skaters and bicyclists, trigger a natural chase response in dogs. They  not only move quickly, but they also make loud noises. Your dog could be alarmed and her response is her way of keeping the thing away. Some dogs are excited by the movement of these human-powered vehicles (HPVs), while others are more reactive to skateboards and inline skates because of the sound of the small wheels. This is a very dangerous pastime because dogs can usually move faster than HPVs. Once they catch up to a person on wheels, dogs often nip and bite … Continue reading

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