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Why We Created a Safe Dog Cooling Collar

Hot weather is tough on dogs. Their average body temperature is 101-104 °, add lots of fur and the inability for them to sweat and they need help cooling down. Panting helps them relieve the heat but the only place they have sweat glands is on their paws. There are two  ways to cool down your dog. 1- Evaporative cooling which slowly drips water on your dog creating artificial sweat. This technology is great in dry climates but it doesn’t evaporate effectively in humid climates. Plus, if you are out hiking, there may not be a source of water to … Continue reading

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Dog Safety During the Summer

Dog safety during the summer is something many pet owners don’t give a second thought. Would we think the same about our children? How many times during the summer have you left your baby or toddler alone in a hot car while you run into the store? Most people would say “never” to that question. In the summer, we would never leave junior in a hot vehicle that will only get hotter as time passes. For most people, this is just common sense. But do we apply the same principle to our pet “children?” Many are guilty of thinking, “I’ll only be … Continue reading

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Take the Bite Out of Flea and Tick Season

Take the Bite Out of Flea and Tick Season ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips to protect pets! Fleas are worst during warm-weather months, but they can live inside your home all year long. Spring and summer are usually the heaviest time for ticks. But they, too, can live year-round in some parts of the U.S. If you see signs of these pests on your pet, treat them right away. The best defenseis a good offense, so start treatment at the beginning of flea or tick season. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIPS TO HELP PREVENT TICKS & FLEAS * Start prevention early with a vet prescribed, … Continue reading

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Are Dog Boots Really Necessary?

When you think of “dog boots,” do images of pampered pooches living in the lap of luxury come to mind? If so, you’re not alone. For many people, dog boots seem to be more of a luxury rather than a necessary accessory. Believe it or not though, this doggie footwear has many uses to keep your pet comfortable and injury-free. Does My Dog Need Boots? Not all dogs have a need for footwear. Consider the type of activities your dog does and what kind of surface he does them on. If any of the following apply to your dog, he … Continue reading

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Keep Doggie Safe Labor Day Pet Safety

Labor day signals the unofficial end of summer and can also be a time of distress for dogs. While backyard cookouts are in full swing, your dog could be getting into some dangerous things. Fatty foods, hot grills, and cans full of delectable garbage can all lead to stomach upset or injury for your pet. We have some tips on Labor Day pet safety to help keep him safe this holiday weekend so everyone enjoys the last summer hoorah. The Grill All those juicy, mouth-watering steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on the grill sure smell good, and your pet … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Need Seat Belts?

It’s no secret that dogs love to go for rides in cars and many dog owners enjoy the company of their furry companions on road trips. However, letting your dog have free rein throughout the car while driving is dangerous for everyone, and not just in a crash. According to a recent AAA survey, as many as 31% of dog owners who take their pets with them in the car admit to being distracted by that pet at some point while driving. Strapping in a child or even yourself is second nature, so why should a pet be any different? … Continue reading

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Why Do I Need a Dog Cooling Vest?

As we near the end of August, the days are still hot and humid – they don’t call them the Dog Days of Summer for nothing! There’s still plenty to do outdoors and your dog enjoys being outside, too. However, just as the heat affects you, it affects him as well. Dogs are susceptible to heatstroke just as their human owners are, so understanding the warning signs and being proactive in keeping your dog cool is key to keeping him comfortable and possibly saving his life in hot weather. Heat Stroke in Dogs When we get hot, we sweat. Sweating … Continue reading

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How to Safely Walk your Dog at Night

  Even though summer is drawing to a close and the days are getting shorter, many dog owners still enjoy walking their dogs at night. Whether it’s to beat the heat, or you just enjoy the peacefulness the nighttime atmosphere brings, walking with your dog at night is an enjoyable experience for you both. Keep the following tips in mind to safely walk your dog at night. Be Visible Walking your dog at night requires that you and your dog be visible to others, especially if you’re walking on the street. It can be difficult for drivers to see you … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Dog Cool

Dog Days Of Summer – Keeping Your Dog Cool This was the hottest summer for most of the country with many places having over 40 straight days of record heat. Combine that problem with power outages and the economy causing many people to not run their air conditioning and this leads to lots of hot people and dogs. Here’s a list of ways to keep your dog cool. Shade and protect While these seem like common sense, it’s always good to do a quick review. • Never leave your dog in a car on warm days. • When it’s hot … Continue reading

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Heat Stroke Treatment For Dogs

Dogs like humans, can get heat stroke.  Heat Stroke or hyperthermia is a term describing an elevation in body temperature. This increase typically occurs as a response to a trigger, such as inflammation in the body or a hot environment. When a dog is exposed to high temperatures, heat stroke or heat exhaustion can result. Heat stroke is a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Once the signs of heat stroke are detected, there is precious little time before serious damage – or even death – can occur. Dogs do not sweat through their skin like humans – … Continue reading

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