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Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Coupler or Tripler for Your Dog

Walking two dogs is tricky. It’s hard to manage and control two dogs. Add a third dog and it’s even more difficult. Add a fourth? Crazy difficult. Here are the products designed to help you walk multiple dogs: Couplers (also called splitters) are for walking two dogs. Couplers include two small leads with one O-ring that attaches to a leash. Couplers vary by size as the hardware for small dogs is lighter than the hardware for large dogs. Triplers are for walking three dogs. Triplers include three small leads with one O-ring that attaches to a leash. Dual Leashes also … Continue reading

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Tips for Selecting a Post Surgery Dog Garment

We are excited to offer this new alternative to post-surgery healing collars.  The cones are very cumbersome and all your dog wants to do is snuggle up and recover. We found Tulane’s Closet which was started by a vet technician.  They built great features into this garment and your dog will love it. The Cover me By Tui is a post-surgical pet garment designed to help prevent your pet from licking or chewing after surgery, hot spot areas or allergies where pets could lick or disturb the area. The Cover me by tui comes in 2 Styles. The Pullover and … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collars Add Fun and Safety to Canine Costumes

Want to make your doggie’s costume more fun and ensure his safety at the same time? Add a lighted dog collar and watch his costume come alive! At KeepDoggieSafe, we’re all about safety first, but with the lighted collars, you get the best of both worlds. Not only can your dog be seen easily by you and everyone else, the bright lights and reflective, glowing features make these products a must-have for Halloween. KeepDoggie Safe carries many different lighted dog collars. Here are a few of our favorites for this season. Pup Protector As far as quality and function go, … Continue reading

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Why Do I Need to Know My Mutt’s Breed?

There’s no denying that mutts make great pets. Often, the combination of different breeds brings out the best in each one making for a well-behaved, lovable pet. However, there are a few reasons you may want to know what breeds are mixed up in your furry friend. Sometimes it’s easy to tell; other times, not so much. In the instance that it’s just impossible to tell what breed your Heinz 57 canine is, there’s dog DNA testing. Dog DNA testing works in much the same way as human DNA testing – samples are taken via cheek swabs and sent in … Continue reading

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Are Dog Boots Really Necessary?

When you think of “dog boots,” do images of pampered pooches living in the lap of luxury come to mind? If so, you’re not alone. For many people, dog boots seem to be more of a luxury rather than a necessary accessory. Believe it or not though, this doggie footwear has many uses to keep your pet comfortable and injury-free. Does My Dog Need Boots? Not all dogs have a need for footwear. Consider the type of activities your dog does and what kind of surface he does them on. If any of the following apply to your dog, he … Continue reading

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Does Fido Need Interactive Dog Toys?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your dog could benefit from playing with interactive dog toys, we’re here to tell you yes! He will benefit, and so will you. Studies have shown that dogs are actually pretty intelligent beings with the intelligence level similar to a two and a half year old human child. We all know what happens when a child of that age is left to his or her own devices, right? With no guidance, that child begins to find ways to entertain himself that are usually not safe or acceptable. A dog is the same way – he … Continue reading

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How to Walk Multiple Dogs with One Leash

Dog owners who have more than one dog often ask us, “How can I walk both of my dogs at the same time?” This question has been asked so many times, we’ve lost count, but the good news is, we have a solution that enables you walk all of your dogs – even if you have three or four – safely and easily. With the right kind of leash combined with a coupler, you can walk multiple dogs at once without worry of tangle or stress.  Even if you have one dog that walks well on a leash and one … Continue reading

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How to Pick the Best Food for Your Dog: An Overview of What You Put in Your Best Friend’s Bowl

At, we don’t sell much dog food. We’ve offered treats and snacks from time to time if we find a product that we think you would like. But part of keeping your dog safe is feeding him or her the food that will provide them with a long, healthful life. To that end, here is an overview of dog food, along with a few recommendations. For years dog owners fed their loving companions whatever was at eye level in the local grocery store’s pet aisle. Not anymore.  More and more dog lovers are now feeding their pets natural or … Continue reading

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How do I walk two dogs with a coupler?

Our number #1 question on the website is how do I best walk two dogs together?   We are strong advocates of walking dogs with a coupler.  The largest benefit is you have only one leash and you aren’t constantly doing the “leash dance” where you are wrapped up in two leashes and maneuvering dogs.  Most dog owners are reluctant to try a coupler because they don’t think their dogs will walk together very well.  If one dog is older or has an injury, then we’d rule out the coupler.  In most other cases, it should only take three walks … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collar Buying Tips

This Buying Guide will help you find the right collar based on your dog’s size and how you will use the collar (i.e: outdoors, in water, etc)   A lighted collar is a critical product for your dog’s safety. A lighted collar gives you the added safety of 360 degree visibility unlike a blinker or a collar light which typically hangs under your dog’s neck.  Most lighted collars flash to increase visibility.   We are the experts in lighted collars and have been selling them for over 5 years and have talked with thousands of customers about their experiences and … Continue reading

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