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How to Choose the Best Crash-Tested Dog Car Safety Harness

We have car seats for kids but for years, we let our best pal ride in the front seat with their head sticking out the window. Or worst yet, sit on our laps. This causes accidents from distracted drivers but additionally with the advent of air bags, your dog can be seriously injured when an air bag explodes. One of the issues for testing dog safety was there was no dog crash dummy to test the harness. To make the world safer for pets, Lindsey Wolko, whose dog was in a car accident, set out to design an indestructible dog … Continue reading

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Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collars Buying Guide

Summer heat has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans: heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Dogs have very few sweat glands (in the pads of their feet) and do not sweat to cool their bodies like humans. Instead, they pant in an effort to release excess heat from their bodies. In extreme humidity and heat, panting may not be enough to keep them cool, so pet owners need to step in to help their pet cope with the heat. In addition to providing plenty of cool drinking water and access to shade, owners can use dog cooling vests … Continue reading

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