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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Valentine’s Day

People love spoiling their pets on Valentine’s Day. Who can resist a new red sweater or adding a red bow to show their love for their best pal ? Enjoy Valentine’s day with your dog but look out for these hazards: Chocolate is toxic to animals, and if enough is ingested it can create complications. Symptoms from chocolate ingestion include hyperactivity, tremors, racing heartbeat and seizures. Damage to the liver can also occur. It is risky to leave boxes of candy out in your home. As little as four ounces is enough to kill a 10-pound pet. As for flowers, … Continue reading

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Halloween Cat Safety

We spend a lot of time on this website talking about how to keep your dog safe. However, this post is about cats and keeping them safe this Halloween season. Although Halloween is fun for humans, most cats are probably less than thrilled with the holiday. Here are some Halloween cat safety tips to help you and your feline friend make it through the holiday unscathed. Decorations and Electrical Cords Cats are curious creatures who love to play with just about anything. This includes dangling decorations and extra power cords from festive holiday lights. Do your cat a favor and … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collars Add Fun and Safety to Canine Costumes

Want to make your doggie’s costume more fun and ensure his safety at the same time? Add a lighted dog collar and watch his costume come alive! At KeepDoggieSafe, we’re all about safety first, but with the lighted collars, you get the best of both worlds. Not only can your dog be seen easily by you and everyone else, the bright lights and reflective, glowing features make these products a must-have for Halloween. KeepDoggie Safe carries many different lighted dog collars. Here are a few of our favorites for this season. Pup Protector As far as quality and function go, … Continue reading

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Halloween Dog Toys are Great Holiday Fun

Purchase Halloween Dog Toys With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get your dog in the spirit. You’ve already got his costume, and he likes it for sure. Now, all he needs is some Halloween dog toys to make his holiday complete. KeepDoggieSafe just loves this time of year, and so do our furry friends because they get to try out all the new Halloween dog toys that come in. This is how we’re sure you and your dog will love them, too. Here’s a run-down of the toys we have on our website this Halloween season. Halloween … Continue reading

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