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What is a lick glanuloma? Why does my dog lick his leg?

Dogs can be so puzzling when they constantly lick their legs or paws.  A lick granuloma can result from the dog’s constant linking the lower portion of their legs. The lick granuloma is actually a lesion that can initially be red, swollen, irritated, and bleeding, similar to a hot spot (wet eczema). The dog’s incessant licking of the lesion eventually results in a thickened, firm, oval plaque. The most common cause appears to be psychological, related to stress, anxiety, separation anxiety, boredom, or compulsiveness. Lick granulomas are especially seen in active dogs left alone for long periods of time. One … Continue reading

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How to Pick the Best Food for Your Dog: An Overview of What You Put in Your Best Friend’s Bowl

At, we don’t sell much dog food. We’ve offered treats and snacks from time to time if we find a product that we think you would like. But part of keeping your dog safe is feeding him or her the food that will provide them with a long, healthful life. To that end, here is an overview of dog food, along with a few recommendations. For years dog owners fed their loving companions whatever was at eye level in the local grocery store’s pet aisle. Not anymore.  More and more dog lovers are now feeding their pets natural or … Continue reading

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What causes a hot spot in your dog?

We all hate them, this awful red spot that develops on our best pal.  Here’s the root of the problem and some solutions. Acute Moist Dermatitis (Hot Spots) in Dogs A hot spot is a warm, painful, swollen patch of skin 1 to 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm) across that exudes pus and gives off a foul odor. Hair in the area is lost rapidly. The infection progresses when the dog licks and chews the site. These circular patches appear suddenly and enlarge quickly, often within a matter of hours. Hot spots can occur anywhere on the body, often … Continue reading

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Summer Dog Allergies

Every year at this time, our dog, Wrigley turns into a different dog.  He starts biting and scratching it’s hard to break the pattern once it starts.  Our last resort is always medicine but we’ve found a few remedies to help with the problem. First, let’s start with the main cause of the allergy. Summer allergies in dogs are symptoms of an immune system hypersensitivity. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine,” the immune system protects the body from potentially harmful substances by recognizing and responding to antigens.” Antigens are usually protein based — toxins, foreign particles, drugs, chemicals … Continue reading

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