In Case of Emergency – Please Save My Pet

No one likes to think about what could happen should a fire break out in the home, or a natural disaster strikes, but these things can and do happen. With furry family members in the home, it can be even more stressing to think about how you’d handle situations like these. With Pet Rescue Decals and Pet Emergency Notes, you can rest easy knowing that rescue personnel know at a glance how many pets to look for when they go inside.

Try as we might, it’s not always possible to ensure the safety of our pets when something bad happens. It’s a sad concept, we know, but by making sure you have all your pet’s information posted on the outside of your home, you are doing everything you can to keep your dog safe. When firefighters and other rescue personnel have clear information on every person and pet inside, the chances of survival for everyone increases.

Pet Rescue Decal

Firefighters have precious little time to gather information about the people inside a burning dwelling. With the Pet Emergency Note, all your pet’s info is readily available, right down to his name. These anti-static stickers allow you to write your pet’s information in Sharpie and are weather-proof so they stay put once applied. They are intended for exterior use and alert emergency personnel that a pets needs rescuing.

Pet Emergency Note

Created by emergency rescuers and KeepDoggieSafe, these Pet Emergency Notes are incredibly handy to have in many situations. They are totally customizable and printable right from our website. Include your pet’s name, phone number, and even medications and other special needs your pet may have. The Pet Emergency Note can be posted on front doors and windows to alert rescue personnnel, and can even come in handy for pet sitters and for travel.

Don’t leave your pet’s safety to chance should something happen. Be sure that even if you can’t get to him, someone else can by placing the proper information clearly from the exterior of your home. Help emergency workers help your pet.


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  1. Janet Irion says:

    On Facebook, I shared a wallet size take care of my pets card. It said see back for details for who to call. It was for emergency crew, who would open your wallet. Then your pets will be saved while you are being saved. I had almost 200 likes in a day from displaying the card Do you offer these cards? Thanks. Big response in Stockton Ca. Lost and Found Pets of the 209 on Facebook.

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