Can you bathe your dog with your shampoo?

The simple answer to the question is “NO”. People shampoos can dry out your dog’s fur.  Your dog may also have an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Human Shampoo doesn’t have the same PH adjusted formula as Dog Shampoo does. Dog Shampoo is made to keep your dogs natural oils in their skin. Many human shampoos contain a high amount of cetaryl alcohol,( among other ingredients) which may dry your fur kids skin too much. This can lead to excessive scratching and that can lead to hot spots and skin infections

You can bathe your dog with your shampoo provided it doesn’t contain  any of the ingredients below. Each has been linked to a health hazard, and though they may be present only in tiny amounts, there are safer alternatives available. This list is from “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats,” by Richard Pitcairn, DVM:

Xylene,Boric acid, DDD, Depentene, Dimethyl phthalate, Menthols, Benzene hexacholoride, Chloranil, Benzethonium chloride, Anise oil, Napthalene,Pine tar,Sodium arsenite,Sodium cresylate

Whole Dog Journal recommends using this criteria for selecting a shampoo:

A shampoo that doesn’t harm the dog, us, or the environment. All natural ingredients are preferred with bonus points for shampoo in a recyclable container.

The product should be priced reasonably. The price of a shampoo has more to do with the cost of the maker’s advertising than the cost of the materials used in its manufacture.

Check to see if the ingredients are listed on the container.  Shampoo makers are not required to list their ingredients on the bottle. But without an ingredients list, a person can’t determine the quality of the ingredients nor whether it contains potentially harmful products or chemicals that an individual dog may be allergic to.

List of Manufacturers who don’t list their ingredients: Hartz’ Love Your Dog Shampoo, Miracle Corp. of Australia’s Miracle Coat Premium Pet Shampoo, Lambert Kay’s Groom & Glo, Pet Botanics’ Herbal Shampoo, Sergeant’s Fur-So-Fresh, and Natural Research People’s Nature First Herbal Shampoo, and PurePet’s Pure Care are among those without the ingredients listed on the label.

We recommend oatmeal shampoo because it’s all natural and the oatmeal provides a healing effect on dog’s skin.

There are several good brands available.  We currently carry Angel Eyes oatmeal shampoo which has been tested by our dog panel with good results.

Bathing Your Dog Safely —-Wet, Lather, Rinse and Dry

Before turning on the water, you can gently place a large cotton ball in each of your dog’s ears to keep them free of moisture. (If your dog seems upset by having cotton balls in his ears, skip this step. Just be sure to avoid spaying or pouring water into your dog’s ears.) First, thoroughly wet your dog. You can use a cup or a small bucket to pour water over his coat—or you can use a sprayer that attaches to your shower head or faucet.




bathing your dog safely



When your dog is completely wet, apply shampoo from the neck down and gently massage it into his coat. As you’re lathering, touch your dog all over. If you make a habit of doing this, you’ll become very familiar with his body and be able to detect any changes that might require veterinary attention, like new lumps or bumps, inflammation of your dog’s skin, ears or eyes, or any painful responses he might have to touching.

Be careful to avoid getting water or shampoo into your dog’s ears, eyes and mouth. Use a damp washcloth to wipe any dirt from his muzzle, head, ears and eyes.

After shampooing your dog, rinse his coat thoroughly. Most dogs’ coats are thicker than human hair, so it takes some time working your fingers through the coat to ensure that all the shampoo is out. If shampoo residue is left in, it can make your dog itch. After rinsing, you can use a dog conditioner to moisturize your dog’s skin and minimize tangles if he has long hair. After the bath, it’s time to thoroughly dry your dog. Pet stores sell super-absorbent towels that you might find work better than your regular towels.

Some pet parents prefer to use a blow dryer to dry their dogs. Be sure to use the blow dryer on a lower heat setting so that you don’t burn or dry out your dog’s skin. If you’d like to try it, you’ll need to help your dog get used to the way a blow dryer feels and sounds before you use one.

Reward your dog with treats and play after the walk so they see bathe time as fun time.  Clean dogs are healthy dogs. Love your dog.



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