How To Get Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed in Five Easy Steps

Do you find yourself waking up at night with a furry creature breathing in your face? Or scratching?  You’re not alone, many pet owners let their dogs sleep with them only to find that the dog takes over and they can’t sleep. While this is cute, it’s not healthy. Dogs bring a lot of junk with them into your bed, including dirt and bacteria that they happily roll around in. And they sleep on your pillow and scratch themselves all over your bed! That’s not only yucky, it’s also unhealthy for you.

And it’s not good for your dog. Dogs that sleep with their owners often have more separation anxiety, which leads to behavioral problems. In general, they also become more dominant than dogs that sleep on their own.

What to do? How do you get your dog to sleep somewhere else? We have a five step program that works, but takes a lot of patience and persistence. And time.

1. Don’t let your dog sleep with you in the first place! If you can do this, you’re done. Get your doggie a nice bed and have your dog sleep in it. The bed can be in your room. We will be offering a fine selection of doggie beds at Keep Doggie Safe very soon.

If your dog is already sleeping with you, then here’s how to fix the problem.

1. Get your dog a nice bed (see step one above). See? It’s the same step as above, but takes longer, since your dog is already used to sleeping with you.

2. Put the bed right next to your bed, at least for now. This is a gradual program, as your dog is not going to be happy sleeping somewhere else.

3. When you get ready to go to bed, put your dog on a leash and walk him to the new bed. Encourage him to sleep there. Say “bed” and give him a treat and praise for lying in it. Repeat. This is not an easy process. Your dog will not like this, but if you are persistent, he will eventually give in. Make sure there is no way for your dog to jump back on your bed. Remove any stairs. If your dog is big enough to jump on the bed, say no, and gently push him off. Repeat.

4. After about a week, remove the leash, and slowly stop giving your dog treats, But keep praising him every night. Also, slowly move the bed away from your bed to another location in your house. Make sure it’s a location that your dog can easily sleep in. You don’t want to have your dog sleep in the kitchen where his food is located. That’s too stimulating.

5. If you do this well, after about two weeks, your dog will sleep where his bed is, not where you are. And after two weeks of struggles, you will finally get a good night’s sleep in your clean bed!

Remember to regularly wash your dog’s bed, so he has a good place to sleep too!

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