Tips for Selecting a Post Surgery Dog Garment

We are excited to offer this new alternative to post-surgery healing collars.  The cones are very cumbersome and all your dog wants to do is snuggle up and recover. We found Tulane’s Closet which was started by a vet technician.  They built great features into this garment and your dog will love it.

The Cover me By Tui is a post-surgical pet garment designed to help prevent your pet from licking or chewing after surgery, hot spot areas or allergies where pets could lick or disturb the area. The Cover me by tui comes in 2 Styles. The Pullover and the Step-Into both have built in potty covers, which makes it easy to go potty without taking off the Cover me by Tui. There are 7 different sizes that come in short and long sleeve that fit every breed from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Choose a long sleeve or short sleeve post surgical pet garment based on where the injury is located.  For ortho and leg recovery, choose long sleeve.

Here’s how you put on the step-in garment:



Here’s how it works to take a potty break:

We love this product and are happy to support a fellow e-preneur make the world a better place for dogs.






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  1. laura guarascio says:

    we received the post surgery dog onsie. Thank you so much for getting it to us so quickly. My dog is so much more comfortable. She cried most of the night and would not eat or drink. Now she’s at least sleeping. Thank you!

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