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Buying Cheap Dog Supplies ? Think Again. Questions You Should Ask.

We just came back from yet another visit with a manufacturer of pet supplies.  As you can imagine, everyone is rushing into the pet industry but few people are doing it for the right reasons- to improve a pet’s life. On  a recent visit with a major pet manufacturer, we were shocked to learn that they were just rolling out products without any understanding how they would be used by dogs and their owner.  Product features such as batteries (not secured safely), Velcro attachments which catch a dog’s fur, sizes that didn’t make sense for any breed we know, and … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Cooling Product for your Dog

It’s hot outside and your dog’s only method of cooling is to pant. Dogs don’t have sweat glands in their body, except on their paws. That’s why you see them leave paw prints on the sidewalk on hot days. To keep your doggie safe, it’s critical that you help your dog cool down. A cooling vest or cooling collar are ideal solutions to keep your doggie cool while walking on a hot day. There is one key question for choosing the right product for you and your dog: What type of climate do you live in? This is the key factor … Continue reading

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