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How To Get Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed in Five Easy Steps

Do you find yourself waking up at night with a furry creature breathing in your face? Or scratching?  You’re not alone, many pet owners let their dogs sleep with them only to find that the dog takes over and they can’t sleep. While this is cute, it’s not healthy. Dogs bring a lot of junk with them into your bed, including dirt and bacteria that they happily roll around in. And they sleep on your pillow and scratch themselves all over your bed! That’s not only yucky, it’s also unhealthy for you. And it’s not good for your dog. Dogs … Continue reading

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Tips for Selecting a Post Surgery Dog Garment

We are excited to offer this new alternative to post-surgery healing collars.  The cones are very cumbersome and all your dog wants to do is snuggle up and recover. We found Tulane’s Closet which was started by a vet technician.  They built great features into this garment and your dog will love it. The Cover me By Tui is a post-surgical pet garment designed to help prevent your pet from licking or chewing after surgery, hot spot areas or allergies where pets could lick or disturb the area. The Cover me by tui comes in 2 Styles. The Pullover and … Continue reading

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What is the best way to reward with treats?

When to Give Your Dog Treats Giving your dog treats is not only a great way of training him, it can also strengthen the bond between you. Just make sure you don’t overdo it! Treaty timeGiving your dog a well-deserved treat can be as satisfying for you as it is for him. Treats help build the bond between you; the perfect way to show how much you care. Treats can also play an important role in training. By rewarding dogs with a treat when they obey a command, they learn to associate good behavior with something nice – a process … Continue reading

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