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Update on Tainted Jerky Treats from China

The Food and Drug Administration is asking pet owners and veterinarians to help solve a mystery: Why have jerky treats coming mostly from China sickened more than 3,600 dogs and cats and killed at least 580 of them since 2007? Article  from USA TODAY The number of illnesses and deaths — the vast majority of which have affected dogs — has risen since January. “Much like us humans, these pets ought to be able to eat their food and not get sick from it,” says Michael Blackwell, president of the Humane Society University. Blackwell says there is little the consumer … Continue reading

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Lighted Night Gear For You

Not only do we care about your dog’s safety, we care about yours, too. Whether you’re out walking with your pet, or just taking an evening stroll, we want to be sure you can see and be seen. In addition to our array of lighted dog products, we also carry a variety of lights that will help you see and keep you safe, no matter what you’re doing. Many of our lights come in handy this time of year for trick-or-treating, so be sure to grab one for each little ghost and goblin to ensure their safety and add a … Continue reading

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How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots

How to Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes extreme cold temperatures and toxic ice-melting chemical—both of which can wreak havoc on your pooch’s paws. Many dog owners think dog boots are a good idea, but often complain that their pets just don’t like them or that the boots simply don’t stay on. The good news is, both of these concerns can be overcome by taking the time to train your dog and buying the right dog boots. Training-Take it Step by Step Training your dog to wear boots is more about … Continue reading

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Can you bathe your dog with your shampoo?

The simple answer to the question is “NO”. People shampoos can dry out your dog’s fur.  Your dog may also have an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Human Shampoo doesn’t have the same PH adjusted formula as Dog Shampoo does. Dog Shampoo is made to keep your dogs natural oils in their skin. Many human shampoos contain a high amount of cetaryl alcohol,( among other ingredients) which may dry your fur kids skin too much. This can lead to excessive scratching and that can lead to hot spots and skin infections You can bathe your dog with your shampoo provided … Continue reading

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Halloween Cat Safety

We spend a lot of time on this website talking about how to keep your dog safe. However, this post is about cats and keeping them safe this Halloween season. Although Halloween is fun for humans, most cats are probably less than thrilled with the holiday. Here are some Halloween cat safety tips to help you and your feline friend make it through the holiday unscathed. Decorations and Electrical Cords Cats are curious creatures who love to play with just about anything. This includes dangling decorations and extra power cords from festive holiday lights. Do your cat a favor and … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency – Please Save My Pet

No one likes to think about what could happen should a fire break out in the home, or a natural disaster strikes, but these things can and do happen. With furry family members in the home, it can be even more stressing to think about how you’d handle situations like these. With Pet Rescue Decals and Pet Emergency Notes, you can rest easy knowing that rescue personnel know at a glance how many pets to look for when they go inside. Try as we might, it’s not always possible to ensure the safety of our pets when something bad happens. … Continue reading

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Dog Collar Lights Keep You and Your Dog Safe

Purchase Dog Collar Lights When it comes to walking with your dog in low visibility situations or at night, it’s important both of you are visible to others who are out and about, too. Dog collar lights help make your pet visible and provides a safe way for the two of your to enjoy your time together – no matter the weather or time of day. One of our favorite dog collar lights is the PupLight. This collar light is recommended for medium and larger breed dogs due to its size and it provides visibility up to a mile away. … Continue reading

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Lighted Dog Collars Add Fun and Safety to Canine Costumes

Want to make your doggie’s costume more fun and ensure his safety at the same time? Add a lighted dog collar and watch his costume come alive! At KeepDoggieSafe, we’re all about safety first, but with the lighted collars, you get the best of both worlds. Not only can your dog be seen easily by you and everyone else, the bright lights and reflective, glowing features make these products a must-have for Halloween. KeepDoggie Safe carries many different lighted dog collars. Here are a few of our favorites for this season. Pup Protector As far as quality and function go, … Continue reading

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Halloween Dog Toys are Great Holiday Fun

Purchase Halloween Dog Toys With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get your dog in the spirit. You’ve already got his costume, and he likes it for sure. Now, all he needs is some Halloween dog toys to make his holiday complete. KeepDoggieSafe just loves this time of year, and so do our furry friends because they get to try out all the new Halloween dog toys that come in. This is how we’re sure you and your dog will love them, too. Here’s a run-down of the toys we have on our website this Halloween season. Halloween … Continue reading

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Fall Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

It’s that time of year again when apples fall ripe from the trees and pumpkins sacrifice themselves for our enjoyment. But what about the dogs? Shouldn’t they get to enjoy all the tasty things fall has to offer, too? Of course they should! KDS scoured the World Wide Web for some of the healthiest, best-tasting (as rated by doggie critics, of course) fall homemade dog treats. Even if you’re not the baking type, these recipes are super easy. Trust us when we say, your dog will give you “two paws up” for these delectable goodies. Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog … Continue reading

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