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Six Ways to Keep Fleas Off Your Dog This Summer – Safely

At Keep Doggie, we strive to keep you and your dog safe all year round. When summer comes around, that includes keeping fleas and ticks off of your dog. First, a little background: Fleas flourish in temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees and humidity of 75 to 85 percent.  For some of us, that means it’s flea season all year round. For others, it’s flea season in the summer. See the map on our site to see how long flea season lasts in your area of the country. During flea season, fleas can lay up to 28 eggs in … Continue reading

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Dog Food Recall – Safe Dog Food

Please beware of these dog food brands of food. They have been recalled. Dog treat recall now covering 48 products and six brands: Petco, Nature’s Deli, Boots & Barkley, BIXBI, Colorado Naturals, and Best Bully Sticks. Full list below. On February 19, the FDA announced a recall of all treats produced by Kasel Associated Industries’ Denver CO facility through September of last year due to salmonella contamination. There may be more recalls to come. This is the fifth expansion of the Kasel Associated recalls in as many months. If not returning them for a refund, families should dispose of these products … Continue reading

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Tips to Potty Train Your New Puppy

There is so much joy when you bring a new dog home for the first time and potty accidents comes with the territory of pet ownership. A puppy isn’t born knowing that your carpet or hardwood floors is not an acceptable place to relieve himself. So be sensitive to this learning curve and remember that accidents happen. Even the best dogs have their share of oops! House training your dog and staying tuned in to their potty break signals will make sure your dog gets outdoors quickly, not giving him enough time to soil your hardwood floors. Establishing a potty … Continue reading

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