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Dog’s Life Span- Make Every Minute Count

Every dog parent hates even thinking about outliving their best friend.  Unfortunately, it’s just part of the deal-when you fall in love with your dog, chances are you will outlive your dog.  But every moment you spend together counts twice for both of you. Here’s the facts about dogs and their live spans: The Oldest Dog Denice Shaughnessy’s wirehaired dachshund, chanel, passed away at 21! She was heralded as the world’s oldest dog, according to Guinness World Records. Now another old dog, one still living, is vying for that title. Max, a terrier mix, is 26 years old, according to … Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Circle Before They Sleep ?

As you may have noticed, some dogs circle when they sleep or before they poop. There are many theories on why they dog this behavior.  It is believed that they do this to clear away any snakes or other hazards so they are safe in this vulnerable positions. this behavior stems from early dogs who had much more to fear in their environment than our pampered pooches. While no one can be certain of the exact reason why canines do this, the ritual is likely a residual habit from the days when wolflike dogs lived out in the wild. Your … Continue reading

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Funniest Dog Names

Our customers love to tell us about their dogs. We ask for dog names on the order form so we can get a sense of the type of dog and the dog owner to help us ensure they are getting the right item for their dog.   This data has definitely yielded some interesting results. Most brown dogs tend to be named “Bailey” in 2012.  This name works well for both female & male dogs. The funniest dog names we have seen this year include: Carnardly – Can hardly tell what breed our dog is .. Sooner– Sooner do it in … Continue reading

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