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Tips to Prepare Your Dog For Hurricane Safety

Natural disasters are scary for everyone but particularly frightening for your pets.  They don’t understand what is coming but are sensitive to the temperature changes, storm conditions and changes in your routine.  It’s important to keep them calm and to also take some elementary precautions. Tips to Prepare Your Dog For Hurricane Safety Make sure they have a collar and harness on them with the CORRECT address and phone number Create a copy of our free lost pet poster and make 15 copies. We designed this so you can print it fast and it creates a professional poster with all … Continue reading

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Preventing Ticks in Dogs, Removing Ticks From Your Dog Safely

As a dog owner, there are some basics you should know about the risks, prevention and removal of ticks. With proper knowledge, you can help protect your dog from the threat of ticks. About Ticks Ticks are parasitic arthropods that feed on the blood of their hosts. They are attracted to warmth and motion, often seeking out mammals – including dogs. Ticks tend to hide out in tall grass or plants in wooded areas waiting for prospective hosts. Once a host is found, the tick climbs on and attaches its mouthparts into the skin, beginning the blood meal. Once locked … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Dog’s Paws in Summer

Summer is here and dog paws can burn easily.  Hot sand and a few seconds on the hot asphalt can hurt your dog’s paws.  Here’s some tips on paw safety that will also help with heat stroke Signs of burned pads: limping or refusing to walk licking or chewing at the feet pads darker in color missing part of pad blisters or redness Be careful if you take your dog swimming and then go on hot pavement. The time in the water softens their pads so dry off the paws and walk on the grass. Burned pad first aid It … Continue reading

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