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Find out Your Dog’s DNA !

  It’s so great that so many people are rescuing dogs these days ! With every new dog comes a mystery, what breeds make up our new pal?  Why does he/she do that? What’s the best way to make my new dog happy? We think the Wisdom Panels’ DNA solution is the best on the market. It’s really simple.  You receive a kit that includes two swabs.  You gently swab your dog’s gums, and send back two samples in the enclosed priority-mail-postage-paid kit.  They send you back great updates when they receive the sample and then the results. Here’s this … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Dog From Heat -Summer Dog Fun

Summer is approaching and we are all looking forward to getting our dogs outside , but it’s important to remember that  dogs don’t do as well in hot weather as people do. Here’s some hot weather Dog Safety Tips: Be aware that not all dogs handle heat in the same way. Dogs build up heat as a function of volume and lose it as a function of surface area. This means that larger dogs with rounder bodies have less surface area for their size, and build up heat faster. In addition, dogs lose heat through evaporation from their nasal passages … Continue reading

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