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Lighted Dog Collar Lights Reviews | 2014 Buying Guide

At dawn or dusk, it’s critical to make sure your dog is seen.  A lighted dog collar or bright collar light is the best way to be sure your dog is seen by cars and to be sure you can see your dog at night.  All our lighted dog collars have 360 visibility with lights all the way around the collar. All of the lighted dog collars we carry have both a steady & flash mode. Most Importantly, if the lighted dog collar or light is not on our site, it DID NOT PASS the Dog Panel Tests for the … Continue reading

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Tips for Buying a Lighted Dog Leash

In our opinion, a lighted dog leash is the most important dog safety product.  It literally saved our lives and every day we hear another story from a customer about how it saved them on a walk. In our case, we were walking around a corner and the car screeched to a halt right in front of us and the driver stammered how sorry they were that they would have hit us if they didn’t see the leash.  That was it.  It was a true Oprah moment- we vowed to start a business and sell this great product.  We even … Continue reading

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