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Seven Reasons Not To Buy A Retractable Leash

People who think that they are doing their dog a favor by using a retractable leash for walking their dogs are not helping their dog.  We’ve heard lots of horror stories from our customers about retractable leashes. So, we’ve created a list of seven reasons why you should not use retractable leashes. Rectractable leashes put your dogs at risk. One of our customers wasn’t paying close attention to her dogs and didn’t notice them walking into an elevator. The door closed and the dogs went up. By the time the elevator reached the fifth floor, the leashes broke. When the … Continue reading

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How do I walk two dogs with a coupler?

Our number #1 question on the website is how do I best walk two dogs together?   We are strong advocates of walking dogs with a coupler.  The largest benefit is you have only one leash and you aren’t constantly doing the “leash dance” where you are wrapped up in two leashes and maneuvering dogs.  Most dog owners are reluctant to try a coupler because they don’t think their dogs will walk together very well.  If one dog is older or has an injury, then we’d rule out the coupler.  In most other cases, it should only take three walks … Continue reading

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