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Lighted Dog Collar Buying Tips

This Buying Guide will help you find the right collar based on your dog’s size and how you will use the collar (i.e: outdoors, in water, etc)   A lighted collar is a critical product for your dog’s safety. A lighted collar gives you the added safety of 360 degree visibility unlike a blinker or a collar light which typically hangs under your dog’s neck.  Most lighted collars flash to increase visibility.   We are the experts in lighted collars and have been selling them for over 5 years and have talked with thousands of customers about their experiences and … Continue reading

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking

This is the number one complaint of owners.  We have researched the best answers and have fine-tuned our anti-dog barking products based on customer feedback and our dog panel of product testers. Try these techniques to stop your dog from barking. All of them can be successful, but don’t expect miracles overnight. The longer your dog has been practicing the barking behavior, the longer it will take for him to change his ways. Keep these tips in mind while training: Don’t yell at your dog to be quiet—it just sounds like you’re barking along with him. Keep your training sessions … Continue reading

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Heat Stroke Treatment For Dogs

Dogs like humans, can get heat stroke.  Heat Stroke or hyperthermia is a term describing an elevation in body temperature. This increase typically occurs as a response to a trigger, such as inflammation in the body or a hot environment. When a dog is exposed to high temperatures, heat stroke or heat exhaustion can result. Heat stroke is a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Once the signs of heat stroke are detected, there is precious little time before serious damage – or even death – can occur. Dogs do not sweat through their skin like humans – … Continue reading

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Buying Tips for Dog Cooling Beds

It’s summer and your best friend is really feeling the heat.   Dogs cannot cool themselves by sweating like humans. They might sweat a small amount through their pads, but the main way a dog cools off is by panting. Unfortunately, panting is not enough when it is extremely hot and humid. It is tricky to keep your dog cool when you go off to work.  Many people can not afford to keep the air conditioning going all day when they are out but dogs and cats need to be taken care of.  Leave two bowls of water on hot days … Continue reading

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