Why is my Dog Licking His Paw ? Treatments for Dog Paw Injuries

Dog paw injuries are so common.  Dogs can step on a bee, a thorn, or get it caught anywhere.  Plus, your dog’s paw can become inflamed from allergies and your dog’s constant licking on his paw. Foot pad injuries in dogs  range from , blisters, burns, ulcers, abrasions, tears, punctures and lacerations. When they walk outside be careful which surface they walk.Concrete  heats up quickly during warm or hot weather. Rock, gravel and sand can also injure the foot pads. The common clinical signs are limping, licking at the foot or bleeding. To treat mild abrasions at home,  gently rinse … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Best Crash-Tested Dog Car Safety Harness

We have car seats for kids but for years, we let our best pal ride in the front seat with their head sticking out the window. Or worst yet, sit on our laps. This causes accidents from distracted drivers but additionally with the advent of air bags, your dog can be seriously injured when an air bag explodes. One of the issues for testing dog safety was there was no dog crash dummy to test the harness. To make the world safer for pets, Lindsey Wolko, whose dog was in a car accident, set out to design an indestructible dog … Continue reading

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Why We Created a Safe Dog Cooling Collar

Hot weather is tough on dogs. Their average body temperature is 101-104 °, add lots of fur and the inability for them to sweat and they need help cooling down. Panting helps them relieve the heat but the only place they have sweat glands is on their paws. There are two  ways to cool down your dog. 1- Evaporative cooling which slowly drips water on your dog creating artificial sweat. This technology is great in dry climates but it doesn’t evaporate effectively in humid climates. Plus, if you are out hiking, there may not be a source of water to … Continue reading

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Dog Safety During the Summer

Dog safety during the summer is something many pet owners don’t give a second thought. Would we think the same about our children? How many times during the summer have you left your baby or toddler alone in a hot car while you run into the store? Most people would say “never” to that question. In the summer, we would never leave junior in a hot vehicle that will only get hotter as time passes. For most people, this is just common sense. But do we apply the same principle to our pet “children?” Many are guilty of thinking, “I’ll only be … Continue reading

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Take the Bite Out of Flea and Tick Season

Take the Bite Out of Flea and Tick Season ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips to protect pets! Fleas are worst during warm-weather months, but they can live inside your home all year long. Spring and summer are usually the heaviest time for ticks. But they, too, can live year-round in some parts of the U.S. If you see signs of these pests on your pet, treat them right away. The best defenseis a good offense, so start treatment at the beginning of flea or tick season. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIPS TO HELP PREVENT TICKS & FLEAS * Start prevention early with a vet prescribed, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Doggie’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape!

Keep Your Doggie’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doggie Dental Tips Did you know that brushing your dog’s teeth and providing plenty of chew toys can go a long way toward keeping his or her mouth healthy? Many pets show signs of gum disease by the time they’re four years old because they aren’t provided with proper mouth care. Give your dog regular check-ups and and your pup will have healthy teeth for years to come! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brush Daily Tooth brushing should be performed daily. We recommend using a traditional flat profile toothbrush and veterinary or pup specific toothpaste. Human … Continue reading

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Tips For Preventing Dog Allergies

Spring is here! And with it, seasonal allergies. Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer during this season, many dogs will be scratching and wheezing their way throughout he next few months as well. Canine allergies are normally caused by the same triggers that occur in human allergies, such as mold and mildew, pollen, and dust mites. The good thing is that there are several ways for us to treat seasonal allergies in our dog. Signs and Symptoms Depending on the type of allergy, your pet may exhibit different symptoms. Pets do sometimes exhibit watery eyes and sneezing, however, the … Continue reading

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Buying Cheap Dog Supplies ? Think Again. Questions You Should Ask.

We just came back from yet another visit with a manufacturer of pet supplies.  As you can imagine, everyone is rushing into the pet industry but few people are doing it for the right reasons- to improve a pet’s life. On  a recent visit with a major pet manufacturer, we were shocked to learn that they were just rolling out products without any understanding how they would be used by dogs and their owner.  Product features such as batteries (not secured safely), Velcro attachments which catch a dog’s fur, sizes that didn’t make sense for any breed we know, and … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Cooling Product for your Dog

It’s hot outside and your dog’s only method of cooling is to pant. Dogs don’t have sweat glands in their body, except on their paws. That’s why you see them leave paw prints on the sidewalk on hot days. To keep your doggie safe, it’s critical that you help your dog cool down. A cooling vest or cooling collar are ideal solutions to keep your doggie cool while walking on a hot day. There is one key question for choosing the right product for you and your dog: What type of climate do you live in? This is the key factor … Continue reading

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Quick Tips to Determine if Your Pet is Sick

Pet Health FAQs These frequently asked questions are intended to help you learn information about common pet health problems, but are not intended to diagnose you pet. If your pet has ANY signs of illness, including constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, broken bones, bleeding or seizures, contact your veterinarian. Q. My pet ate something that could be poisonous. Who do I contact? A. Call your veterinarian immediately. If you have packaging for the substance, have it handy, so you can better answer your veterinarian’s questions. Q. My pet has swollen paws. What should I do? A. Swollen paws can occur for a … Continue reading

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